Evans Crown – a great place to propose

I had a young male friend who was thinking of asking out a certain young female. He wanted to find an ideal spot, to make her head turn to thoughts of love. He, like many other men, chose Evans Crown.

Evans Crown is the ideal proposal place. If your woman can stomach heights, and a complete lack of direction, she will find Evans Crown will woo her with the magnificence that you may lack.

To get there, just type “Evans Crown” into Google Maps. That should take you to a dusty car park. The walk starts at the gate. You walk up the stairs for twenty minutes, until you arrive at a series of large boulders. These boulders are “Evan’s Crown”. I always imagine that a large giant called Evan just lay down and turned into stone. That giant’s name was “George William Evans”.

Your aim is to make it from the first gigantic mountain of boulders you see (Evan’s bottom), to the second gigantic mountain of boulders (Evan’s head). And finally to the top of the mountain, Evan’s crown. How you get there will be your choice – you can tunnel through the caves, you can leap over gaps, or you can be boring and take the walking track that weaves around the boulders.

At the top of the boulder mountain is a 360 degree view of the countryside. Rather than the furry tops of gum trees normally found in the blue mountains, you are treated to some the square green pastures of Australian farmland. Think of the view outside your window when you take off from a plane, then take away the plane.

Below is a picture of the first place you should try and make it to. This is what we call “Pride Rock”, because of it’s resemblance to the place where Rafiki lifts Simba to the sky. You’ll understand when you see it.


But if you find the sweeping panoramic views mundane, the other appeal of Evans Crown are the physical challenges it presents, that make it the “Adventure Playground” of the Central West. There are a million different crevices to go through and boulders to climb. The sandstone is extremely grippy, so there is very little chance of you slipping.

Here is one of the many challenges that I will never admit to having publicized. If you look at where the girl is standing on the rock, she is about to take one of the many challenges we regularly do at Evans Crown. Basically, we like to slide down the rock face. Now, the “mum” inside our brains tell us to never slide down a rock face that steep. However, my friend has slid down it numerous times, and even sent her younger brothers down it, so I would totally classify it as safe.

*Except one of my friends sprained her ankle once. But… she just landed badly.


Another great thing to do is the “chimney”. There are two walls very close to each other, that we always shimmy up to complete the walk. The ledge you get onto is less than half a metre long, and makes you wish for a harness.


The key to enjoying yourself at Evans Crown, is to remember to enjoy the journey, not the destination. With absolutely no marked ending point, you may have to make your own ending point. If you try new things, you may end up like me and my friends who tried to shimmy between these two boulders, and ended up exhausted and stuck, but with a majestic view.