Abercrombie Caves – Hello darkness my old friend…

I spent last Australia Day at this beautiful waterhole that cascaded into Grove Creek Falls.

This is what it looked like LAST year.

Grove Creek Falls Walk, Abercrombie Karst Conservation Reserve

This is what it looked like THIS year.


It was a terrible disappointment. However, we did manage to find… a baby gecko.



However, even in the absence of the beautiful waterhole, Abercrombie still had other attractions.

Closer to the caves is a lovely pool with some cool fresh water to swim in. The water was deep enough to jump into, and free of any algae or larvae.



However, if you want to do more than swim, you can pay to go into the caves. The cave is much smaller than Jenolan Caves, but it is self-guided, which suits people who like to keep to themselves.


Check out this blank wall.


This pool is perfectly black. An ancient dinosaur with flippers and teeth could be hiding below the surface.


This part of the cave was washed away by some storm over thirty years ago. David tried to climb up and see what it looked like now.


The rest of us ate donuts.