Kanangra Walls – A wall no one had to pay for

My parents used to take me bushwalking constantly as a kid. The Waterfall Walk at Kanangra Walls is just your typical bushwalk. There are cute spirally stairs and swirling rivers of brown water (if you want to see blue water in Australia, see my previous post).



As a result, I feel like walking through the bush is not enough. I need a spectacular sight, a cool place to swim or a new place to climb. I mainly enjoy climbing without any equipment at all, just my two hands, and a lot of terrified onlookers.

Kanangra Walls provides ample opportunity for this. On the Plateau Walk, you get to walk (or climb if you want) across steep cliffs that have no warning signs or fences to keep you from falling to your doom.

I had a short nap on the edge of the wall, just to feel the thrill of waking up, and seeing nothing but sky and spongy green mountains. If you roll over in your sleep, this may not be a good idea.



If those cliffs are too tall for you, you can head over to the Dance Floor Cave. There is no dancing, just a floor, a cave and an extremely rusted bucket that has been receiving water since time immemorial. The hidden secret to Dance Floor Cave is at the back. If you continue further, there are some great rocks to climb.which feel a lot like a beginner’s rock climbing wall. You’re high enough the ground to break your leg, but not high enough to die.


Kanangra Walls is a great place to walk, climb, fall and die. We had fun doing 3 out of 4.